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Appre Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy outlines the usage of cookies when you engage with the Appre website, so please review it attentively.

1. Overview

This is the Cookie Policy for Appre. Your personal information is treated with the utmost care. We recommend that you read our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions which details how we may use your personal information and the circumstances in which it may be shared.

For the purposes of this Cookie Policy, references to "we", "us", "our" or “Site” are to Appre.

2. What is a Cookie

A cookie is a small computer file that may be downloaded to your device when you visit a website. These files contain harmless snippets of information that can enhance your website experience if your browser settings permit. By collecting and recalling your online preferences, websites can customise their operations to align with your needs, preferences, and dislikes.

Cookies function by depositing a small text file onto your local hard drive, enabling the website to access information stored within that file. Some cookies, known as 'session cookies,' are deleted as soon as you close your browser. Conversely, 'persistent cookies' remain on your device until you manually delete them or they expire automatically.

Additionally, we collaborate with third parties to deliver services through our Site, and they may set cookies on your computer as part of this collaboration.

3. How does Appre use cookies?

Our Site employs the use of Essential Cookies. Essential cookies are vital for the proper functioning of

4. Essential Cookies

These cookies are employed to uphold the security and stability of, ensuring its proper functionality and accurate display of images. They do not collect any personal information about you for marketing purposes or track your internet browsing history.

8. Third Party Cookies

We collaborate with Third Parties to deliver services through our Site and to facilitate personalised advertising and content for our visitors. Certain Third-Party cookies are essential for the proper functioning of our Site.

The specified Third Parties listed below are utilised to track your visits to our Site, the pages you've viewed, and the links you've clicked. This data is utilised to tailor our Site and the advertisements displayed to align with your interests. If you opt not to enable these cookies, you may not experience our targeted advertising across various websites.

9. Affiliate Network Cookies

When you navigate from to a retailer's website, your browser is directed through an Affiliate Network, which places a cookie on your computer. This cookie stores tracking information to record your visit to the retailer via our Site. Subsequent purchases made will allow the retailer to access this information.

Once you make a purchase, the retailer will notify us, enabling us to credit your account with cashback. To ensure that purchases on third-party sites are recorded, we recommend enabling cookies in your browser settings.

While the affiliate network cookie is not generated by us, we want to inform you about it prior to your transaction on our Site. By continuing to use our Site, you consent to third parties such as Affiliate Networks and featured retailers using cookies for tracking and awarding your cashback.

10. Cookies from Retailers

When you conduct transactions with retailers, they may place cookies on your device according to their own policies. It's important to note that these cookies are subject to the retailer's policies, and we cannot be held responsible for the actions or omissions of retailers or other third parties, including their cookie and privacy policies.

11. Controlling your own cookies.

It's important to note that deleting all cookies may result in the loss of your preferences, and many websites may not function properly or lose certain functionalities as a result. For these reasons, we advise against disabling cookies when using

While most browsers automatically accept cookies, you have the option to customise your browser settings to delete cookies or prevent automatic acceptance if you prefer. Typically, you can manage your cookie settings to view and delete cookies individually, block third-party cookies or cookies from specific sites, accept all cookies, receive notifications when a cookie is issued, or reject all cookies. You can adjust these settings by accessing the "options" or "preferences" menu in your browser. 

12. Managing your cookies

Please be aware that if you configure your browser to reject cookies, you may not be able to utilise certain features of Appre and will consequently be unable to earn cashback.

Last updated April 16th 2024.

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