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About Us.

We're not your typical cashback platform. We're your dedicated money saving sidekick.

Appre gives you the tools to shop with renowned brands, earn cashback as a reward, and direct earnings towards the money saving goals that matter most to you.  

We're the only cashback platform that lets users earn in pursuit of pre-set savings goals meaning with Appre, your spending habits purposely fuel your future.

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Our Story

Over the last three years, Appre has collaboratively engaged with renowned UK and international brands. Our collective efforts have been and always will be dedicated in pursuit of crafting innovative money-saving solutions tailored to align seamlessly with individuals' shopping-centric lifestyles, empowering everyone to achieve their financial goals effortlessly.

Where smart shoppers become expert money savers.

Our philosophy at Appre is rooted in understanding the evolving needs of loyal customers. Every year over 1 Million UK adults fall into the category of having less than £100 in savings, whilst consumer spending continues to rise 3% each year. So we thought we'd step in. 

Powerful and Demonstrative 'Turn your cashback into something more' underscores the Appre vision. A world where your spending habits fuel dedicated money saving in pursuit of personalised goals. A new money saving mechanism for the loyalists. 

Say farewell to Roundups, bid adieu to Deposits, and wave goodbye to points! With Appre, brands foot the bill for your saving goals.

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